CDs and IRAs

Saving for retirement or a big purchase and want a fixed rate with a guaranteed return? Invest and save confidently with Arbor Financial’s CDs and IRAs.  

A little patience will pay off in the long run.

You know how to play the long game. You’re too bright to fall into the cultural instant gratification trap. Slow and steady wins the race. Whether you’re saving to buy a vacation home or to retire in a few decades, put some cash away in a Certificate of Deposit or Individual Retirement Account. Sit back and watch your guaranteed earnings grow over the years, knowing good things come to those who wait.   


Here's why you can depend on a Certificate of Deposit:

CD Calculator

Traditional IRA

Here's why you might want Traditional Individual Retirement Account Savings and Certificates:

  • Tax-deferred savings program
  • Contributions may be tax-deductible
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Funds may also be invested in an IRA certificate
  • Visit any Arbor Financial branch to open your IRA

Roth IRA

There are also advantages to Roth Individual Retirement Account Savings and Certificates:

  • Tax-free withdrawals when you reach retirement age
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Visit any Arbor Financial branch to open your Roth IRA

Getting started with CDs and IRAs at Arbor Financial

After you look into our CDs and IRAs, consider opening a checking account with us if you haven’t already. You get free access to more than 30,000 ATMs throughout Michigan and across the nation, plus fee-free access to Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Web Bill Pay and more. It's easy to open your account online or switch your account to become an Arbor Financial member.

*Explorer’s Club Accounts have a minimum of $100 

**Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) earned on certificates are calculated by the actual daily balance method and are paid and compounded monthly. Early withdrawal penalties apply and will reduce earnings.